Wordpress Plugin - Author Social Links

Description: This plugin is extremely beneficial if you have more than one author on your blog but it's also still good to have even if your blog only has one author. What it does is add in social media links to your Contact Info section in your user profile for popular social media sites such as G

How Google+ can win the social network market using Klout

I would argue that the biggest advantage that Google+ has over it's competition is hindsight. At this point, Facebook would find it pretty difficult to change around their entire "friend" structure and Twitter would, likewise, find it very difficult to begin threading conversations. Google+ has t

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Google+ puts you touch with those in power

Facebook gave you friends and brands, via fan pages... Twitter gave you brands too but more so, it gave you celebrities. Google+, despite being very young, is already able to give you the top brass in at least 2 prominent web companies. Google+ equals Google execs Who would have ever thought th

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Filtering the noise in Google Plus (Google+)

Google Plus is open to the world now, some guestimate that there are over 10,000,000 accounts now... yes, 10 million! That's a lot of people pretty fast and one could assume that it'll only grow exponentially from there. What's more, with Google+, you don't need to be friends with someone to add

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Facebook desperately needs to revisit their Friend List functionality

Facebook has reached over 750 million users now, no small accomplishment when you consider that the United States only has 350 million people itself. Facebook now has more than double! The key selling feature for Google+ right now is it's ability to filter through that mass of people by allowing

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Finally, the secret to blogging success

Hard work. What? Oh, you thought I was going to let you in on some industry secret or super plugin that would just make money roll in. I'm sorry to disappoint you. Funny enough, that is how many people think it works. You make a blog, figure out what the secrets are, implement them and qui

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Twitter - Adding value to #FollowFriday

Twitter, like most communities, has developed it's own verbiage and it's own traditions... one example being "Follow Friday". However, like most communities that has traditions, over time, they change and become something different than what they were originally intended to be. The basics

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Twitter - Should you really follow everyone that follows you?

If you've been on Twitter for any good length of time and gathered a few followers, you've probably already heard the term "Follow me and I'll follow you" or "Follow me, I follow back". According to some people, this is the unwritten rule of Twitter, that it's not just rude, but down right wr

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Facebook - How to Create Lists

Most everyone knows about the privacy settings in Facebook, even if most people still get them wrong, but what most people don't know how to use at all, much less effectively, are the lists. If you have more than say... 5 friends, you should probably know about lists and how to use them. I

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FfvB has reached the end of it's life

I regret to announce that the Firefox Extension FfvB has reached it's end of life and will no longer be supported. With the release of Firefox 4 as well as the upgrade of vBulletin to version 4, FfvB would require a complete rewrite and as it stands right now, it already takes too much time to su

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